Thursday, 13 August 2009

I hate gulls

Took a wander over to my lunchtime patch today, where I found a decent selection of gulls all laid out in neat groups on the riverbank. There were Greater Black Backed Gulls, Lessers, Black Headeds and a bunch of juveniles which were probably young Greaters judging by size and the fact one of them was trying to eat a plank of wood. And then there was this fellow, throwing everything into disarray:

Third from the left

And again

Juvenile winter plumage, brown on the wings, but about two thirds the size of the surrounding Black Headeds. My phone camera doesn't really show up the difference too well (I'm surprised it shows ANYTHING at this range), but it was very noticable. So obviously, this immediately got me thinking 'Little Gull', but I didn't have any optics and I wasn't too up on the features (I am now, of course). This needs further investigation tomorrow.

Hopefully that RSPB stand will be back for the third week running and I can have a loan of their Swarovski, but of course the gull will be gone.

I hate gulls.

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