Monday, 17 August 2009

The Good and The Bad

This post contains no traces of ugly. Clichés will resume as normal in a later post.

THE GOOD: Following my earlier plan to have the entire garden filled with Lavender, but in an entirely unconnected turn of events, the mother creature has spent the day out there digging it over and it is now looking far more wildlife friendly. The wild Buddleia near the house has had most of the stuff in front of it removed and has already gained a following of Bumblebees (it's also sprouting from a hanging basket at the end of the garden - buggered if I know how it got there). Some small amount of Lavender has been planted in the borders which should grow out to become butterfly central by this time next year, and the Ladybird house has been moved further down the garden to put some further distance between it and the bird feeders and has apparently had a rescue housed inside it (apparently some ants were dragging it into their nest - not very ant-like behaviour as far as I'm aware, but what do I know?).

THE BAD: A news story I picked up from Gwent Birding, where some nice oil barons tell us all how people LIKE climate change and don't want any of that nasty green power.

Direct quote from the article:
member organisations should encourage employees to attend to command the attention of senators. "In the 11 states with an industry core, our member company local leadership – including your facility manager's commitment to provide significant attendance – is essential"
Want to bet this becomes "attend or else" once it filters through a few layers of arse-kissing middle management? And want to see how quickly Fox "News" picks up on the protests without ever mentioning the highly contrived background? Grrr.

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