Friday, 14 August 2009

Birding Failure

No RSPB stand, no small dodgy looking gull. I'll never know for certain, but my gut tells me it was probably a runty Black Headed.

Spent lunchtime today watching the Starlings mobbing eachother for leftover bread and being mobbed in turn by Black Headed gulls. Also putting in an appearance were Lesser Black Backeds and a Herring Gull swooping about over the centre of the river. At some point I should really make the effort to learn something about juvenile large gulls - IDs are currently based on size and the company they keep, and both are useless.

Thought I saw a Sparrow once. Exciting times.

Yet all of this was preferable to writing SQL views today, my head just wasn't in it, so now I'm venting steam by running through every version I can find of 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' on Spofity. Steve Ouimette's (of Guitar Hero fame) is very impressive and wanky, but Levellers are currently on top with a classy rendition somewhere between the rock version and the original.

Driving to Hampshire next once the rush hour dies down a bit. Cup of tea required.

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