Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Addition to the Abberton trip

All this talk about birds, and I forgot to mention the moth we saw. The one that I mistakenly ID'd as a Marbled White butterfly at first glance. Having done a bit of ID work over on Nathalie's blog it's brought it back to mind.

So really, there's only one option in my moth book. The only thing vaguely resembling a Marbled White is an Argent & Sable, and that's odd, because my book also says the one and only generation of Argent & Sable flies in June. Of course, it has been a very odd summer.

My book also lists it as Nationally Scarce B, so it's probably a pretty good spot.

I wasn't going to list moths, but then again I wasn't going to list birds so I'm kind of resigned ot it now. No moth traps though! It takes something special to get me up that early for birds, and I surely won't do it for stupid insects.

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