Sunday, 5 July 2009

Nightjars, and their inherent coolness

Apologies, but having gotten you all accustomed to better things, in this post you will notice a slight slip in the quality of photography. This cannot be helped, it was dark and shutter speeds were low.

Myself and my usual intrepid band of adventurers went to Ludshott Common in Hampshire in search of some elusive birdies. The walk was guided, so starting at 8pm we were treated to a history of the area, facts about the local wildlife (with a strong focus on the birds) and a guide who really did know his stuff. I saw 3 flying Woodcocks, which is more than I've seen in the previous 8 months of birding, and most importantly we were treated to a stunning display from the walk's target bird as a Nightjar flew around, about, and then straight overhead chasing moths and insects. Once the sun was decently down, you could hear them from almost every point we covered in the Common. Rather good. Here is some stuff which is less good.

Poor, but identifiable as a Woodcock at least

Just plain poor. Take my word for it. Nightjars.

Better views were had through the binoculars. This bird is well worth seeing. I'm planning the return visit already.

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