Monday, 6 July 2009

Lepidoptera, and the photography thereof

My screenname is fst0pped, and I am addicted to photographing butterflies.

It started as one or two between birds. I was in control. I thought I could handle it, and besides, it made me feel good. But soon the butterflies started appearing everywhere, and I couldn't help myself. One or two became five, or six, and pretty soon I was forgetting to photograph birds at all until, back home, with a full memory card and a copy of GIMP open on the computer, I'd realise I'd gone the whole day without one. Not a single one.


'Stained Glass' shot of a Red Admiral

Large Skipper

Comma, under the Macro setting

How did that get there?

OK, maybe a single one...

Still, Butterflies + Telephoto/Macro lens is a dangerously addictive combination. All photos taken on and around the Liss Riverside Railway Walk, and very nice it was too. Bagged my first ever Comma, and a huge number of Meadow Brown and Ringlets.

Seen elsewhere in Liss but without the camera to hand was my first ever Marbled White, a real beauty of a butterfly. I miss the birds, I do, but for a support act the old insects arn't half bad...

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