Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Arty Bloggans

Every now and then, I am compelled to get all wanky over my photography and do arty farty things to it in GIMP. I do hate myself for it but it turns up some gems, and so I continue. For rare examples of the average turned awesome, see below:

This one is actually framed and on my wall

This one isn't yet but probably will be

Unfortunately, this fascination with embettering my images digitally (usually through poncey monochrome, if you hadn't noticed) goes hand in hand with a belief that at the heart of every arty photographer is a failed artist - someone with the flair and imagination to draw and paint things but, unfortunately, none of the actual talent. This is probably a huge slur on those photographers who can draw and paint. There will obviously be a few. Feel free to rant in the comments if I'm wrong.

So I've bought some of these:

And one of these:

The idea being that I will better myself on several levels by learning some simple watercolour, and maybe learn a bit about art in the process. Certainly can't hurt my photography.

And when the birds don't turn up, you can paint trees. My plan is full of WIN.

1 comment:

  1. "every arty photographer is a failed artist"

    Just as you don't so much play bass as fail guitar, huh? I like your logic, though I once said that to a bass player and he nearly hit me... not our bass player.