Saturday, 27 June 2009

Best laid plans

Well the plan for today was to get over to Rainham and break a 2 week bird-drought, but while paying for petrol I saw a big lump of something hanging off the bottom of the car. Turns out it's a metal cover of some kind and it's been ripped off the brackets under the bonnet. Don't know how, it doesn't hang down below the car so it can't be speed bumps. It's not a functional bit, in fact it looks like it might be a heat deflector of some kind so the car was still drivable and presumably perfectly safe so long as I'm not thundering down motorways, but the engine was too hot to take it out straight away and now it's cooled down it'll be too late to get over there before the rugby. Such is life. Have wired it back on now anyway. Keep an eye on Rainham's recent sightings page, I'm expecting the rarities to come pouring in.

So I'm playing with Spotify instead. Verdict so far is pretty good. I've managed to find and listen to most of a Dream Theater album most of a Spiers and Boden album and I've just found a Jazz album with ITZHAK PERLMAN AND ANDRE PREVIN ZOMG!!!11!1 (two of my very very favorite classical musicians) playing together, pretty much the opposite ends of my musical taste, with nary a hint of an advert. The audio quality is good enough that my speakers arn't high def enough to find anything wrong, the software is easy to use and, most importantly, it runs under Wine so I don't have to boot into V***a to use it. This may well be the future of online music, so I want in at the beginning.

Birds tomorrow. Definitely. Whatever happens.

For this afternoon, I'm watching Lions.

In the spirit of birdlessness, here is a disgruntled Wood Pigeon.

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