Friday, 8 May 2009

It's coming, honest

The hardest part of the aftermath of a trip like the recent Norfolk excursion has to be getting home and trying to sort all the notes and photos into some kind of sensible order. Finding the motivation to transfer stuff from the paper list to the electronic one, sifting through the photos for decent shots and then editing them down to blog-sized chunks - this is especially true when you have no free time of an evening, as has been the case this week.

And even more especially true when Linux doesn't have a single picture browser that's as intuitive and easy to use as the Windows picture viewer. This is unusual, as generally there's at least half a dozen programs for any given function and at least one of them is excellent. Maybe it's such obvious bit of functionality people have overlooked it. Maybe it's just the PCLinuxOS repositories.

Anyway enough excuses, there will be a reckoning this weekend. Saturday morning hopefully. And my Fatbirder ranking will stop acting as a microcosm for the world economy. And interesting content will appear once again. Please be patient.

In the meantime, I am having something of a conundrum. I saw a bird in the St Katherine Docks the other day that looked very juvenile and very plainly spotted on its pale chest. Only got to hear its contact call, which didn't help much. Now here's my issue. My first thought was Song Thrush - the chest was very pale, the spots stood out quite well, but there was an adult Blackbird flitting around the immediate area which could have been the target of the contact call. One's a very pleasing site tick, the other is very pretty dross. What is the moral and upstanding course of action? And how do I get round it?


  1. ... no decent image viewer... ?? That's quite something to overlook. Still, its no excuse - use windows to edit the pictures...:P

    As for the juv bird, blackbird young can have heavily spotted breasts, if im recall... The moral and upstanding course of action is not to tick anything, btw.

    Band was awesome last night.

  2. Had a suspicion it would be.

    Band was damn good. Listening to New Radicals as we speak, such a good song to play.