Monday, 27 April 2009

Office birding

Bit of an abortive attempt at the Tower today. It was drizzling a bit when I decided to take lunch, but being a grizzled birdwatching type I ignored that. About 50 yards into the walk the rain got heavier but I ignored that too, reasoning that the rain had started light and would get light again soon.

5 minutes later I was turning tail and walking humbly back to the office as the sky fell on my head. Lesson learned - I will sacrifice one of my sandwiches to Tlaloc before leaving the office tomorrow or unpleasantness will happen.

So I spent some of my afternoon gazing wistfully out of my sixth floor window - not as productive as you might imagine as any bird with half a brain was over by the river. Fortunately Lesser Black Backed Gulls don't fall into this category - they are by far the most common bird I see from the office window and today I clocked up 3.

Occasionally I see a Greater, or a Carrion Crow. When the season's right there are generally a few Black Headed Gulls and of course that means there's always the possibility, however unlikely, that I might spy a Med. More chance of seeing one at the Tower though. No raptors and no overflight of Wildfowl as yet, but I live in hope. It takes the edge off a dull day at any rate.

IN OTHER NEWS: I leave for the Norfolk coast in T minus 3 days with a Fair Maiden, an Aardvark and a Tit. It will be rather good. Yeah Baby.

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