Friday, 10 April 2009

Good birds. Bad photographs

This weekend is going to be busy, so to make up for it I have spent the morning so far looking out of my Garden window. It's been quite fun.

The feeders are keeping a plentiful supply of 'the usual' flowing through the garden.

The bird-cake is a big favorite of the Starlings

And in addition, a couple of the 'fairly usual but not quite so usual as Starlings'.

The Robin in particular interests me, and to this end I've hung one of our old watering cans (just a small one) from one of the unused hanging basket hooks on our shed. I'd imagine it's too close to the feeders for a nest, but you never know. It won't be disturbed by Humans - I had to climb up and along a section of wall to put it up there - but the other birds will probably put them off.

The best Garden visitor of all so far though has been a fine specimen of Troglodytes troglodytes , which appears to be making a nest in next door's Hydrangea. I do hope it doesn't actually end up nesting there or it'll be crushed by footballs within the week, but I'm somewhat reassured by this post over on Tony Morris's blog. Hopefully, in this instance, the female will display a bit more common sense than the male. Anyway, he's been singing his heart out for the last week, and it's been both fun AND educational to listen to. If you look closely, you might just make out the brown blob in the below.

I know they're common as muck, but they're great little birds and full of character.

Also in the garden but neatly evading the camera, we've had a Great Tit and a pair of Blue Tits bathing in the big puddle of water on the shed roof.

I'm feeling a bit more cheerful already :-)

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