Sunday, 12 April 2009

The curse is broken!

Finally, after months of walking along rivers staring intently at overhanging branches, of standing motionless on bridges for MINUTES on end staring at the water, I have seen my bogey bird the Kingfisher He was a worthy adversary, but couldn't hide forever.

The view was a flypast rather than perching, but we got 2 attempts. The first was overland on the other bank of the river. I saw a blue dart with a flash of orange, girlfriend saw an orange dart with a hint of blue, so between us we could make a fairly educated guess at the species. I persuaded her (and to be fair, it didn't take much. She's definitely been showing signs of catching the bug lately...) to go back and see if we could see where it had landed. Which of course we didn't, but as we were standing on the road bridge the Kingfisher burst from underneath and straight into the sunshine, giving us an incredible view of its electric blue back as it flew fast and low along the water's surface. Fair to say it made both our days.

Of course, Karma this good can't happen without some kind of balance. I saw the bird with the missus while visiting her grandmother in Somerset, a good 2 hour drive from Liss where we'd normally be when I visit. While I was there, I recieved a text message from Parus. I'll read it to you shall I?

From teh net: British mega-White throated sparrow, old winchester hill, scrub by carpark. About 7 miles sw of liss, details on bird map and birdforum. Just in case youre interested and are looking for something to do :-P i know where id be!

Cheers mate :-P

Other cool birds this weekend: Pheasant in the fields as we drove down and (bizarrely) at Clacket Lane services on the M25 (year tick) and a Grey Wagtail and a Dunnock in Somerset. This area has Jackdaws like we have Carrion Crows.

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