Thursday, 19 March 2009


And so begins my first Spring as a birdwatcher.

I can tell it's my first spring as a birdwatcher because when awakened by a particularly noisy dawn chorus this morning, rather than getting annoyed, I started trying to identify things.

No Sand Martins or Swallows yet (those 'traditional' signs that Spring has started), but I've just watched a female Blackbird on the shed roof gather up much of the crap and fly off with it. Preumably it's for nesting material.

Ambitions for this spring:

  • See, and correctly ID, a Swallow

  • Try to get over to Harrow Lodge Park at least once a week

  • Try to do a 'Major' birding trip (i.e. most of the day) about once every 2 weeks

  • See some Great Crested Grebes shaking bits of pond weed at eachother

The list may grow a bit by the end.

In other news, I have one of these on order from, and will hopefully be picking up one of these from Tottenham Court Road on Friday. Exciting times.

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  1. Hahaha you have SO fallen into the birding trap, poor thing...