Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Save the Levels!

As an ex-student of a Welsh university who actually quite likes the place and takes every opportunity (when there are no Welshmen present of course) to defend it to his English friends, this makes me sad:

This isn't the area of Wales that I lived in, but having experienced the wonders of the Gower Peninsula I've tried to imagine what my reaction would be if someone said, "What this really needs is a great big motorway". It mostly involves some naughty words and a large stick.

So in the interest of awareness raising, I'm speaking out to all 3 readers of my blog. If you fancy some snooty letter writing, have a look at the below:
After the complete fucking travesty that is the Scottish Government selling out to Trump, I'm loath to see if happen again right on my old doorstep.

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