Sunday, 29 March 2009

Open source stuff

Quick post between CD burns - Partly because I recorded a band rehearsal yeserday and need to get it on CD. I'll get onto the other part in a minute.

My previous bit of free software for doing this, Burn4free, has disappeared somehow. Slightly irritating, but I never really got on with the interface and had been thinking of finding another for a while. Spurred into action, I did some googling and came up with CDBurnerXP. So far it's everything I dreamed. Slick interface, nice graphics, and utterly intuitive. I used to use a free version of Nero that came bundled with an old PC for this kind of work, and this beats it hands down. All the ease of use, with none of the instability and attempting to take over every audio-related function on your computer.

In fact I have literally just dropped a .iso file from an open Explorer window into the compilation window on CDBurnerXP, and not only did it not have a problem with me not using its own file navigation function to find the file, it reminded me I was currently set to burn data CDs and 'would I like to burn a .iso format CD instead?' - without which I'd have had yet another small shiny coaster to add to my collection. It's brilliant AND IT'S FREE - go try it.

The techie among you may ask "and why is he burning .iso files?". Short answer - Kubuntu is getting boring and, despite updates, I'm still getting too many crashes from well established programs that I'd quite like to use (particularly WYSIWYG HTML editors). So I'm going back to my first love, to see what the new 2009 release is like. Oh yes, it's PCLinuxOS all the way from now on. Good hardware compatibility and a stable KDE 3.5 desktop - do operating systems get any better?

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