Saturday, 21 March 2009

Odd shaped balls

First of all, apologies in advance for any incoherence in this post. I got to the pub for the England Game and haven't stopped drinking yet.

What an end to the six nations! At the start of the tournament I was all geared up for some traditional British disappointment, but the last couple of weeks have restored my faith.

First up was the England vs Scotland game which, while 'adequate' in rugby terms, was a big sigh of relief for all the England fans expecting yet another collapse of form. Hopefully Johnson has beaten the whole 'losing' thing out of them. I've never been an advocate of 'win at all costs' and I'd much rather see a good performance than a win, whatever the stakes, but we'll need that killing streak if we hope to go up against the Southern nations again. All credit to Scotland - a poor display of refereeing could have swung it either way, but I think injustice was dished out evenly.

Then there was Wales - Ireland. Some background is probably necessary here, for those new to all this Pretty Birdies stuff (and I wish I'd actually sat and thought about a name now that I realise other people are reading the thing):

I went to university in Wales. I really like Wales. But Ireland are overdue a big success and after the last few seasons of frankly awful rugby (very out of character) I did want to see them win the Grand Slam, because they've stuck in there and made it work, and deserve something to cheer about. I suppose that's rugby though - that sense of 'fair play' when all's said and done. You couldn't have written it better, all hinging on that final kick.

The '6 nations withdrawal' will be particularly acute this year.

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