Friday, 13 March 2009


Interesting things seem to be cropping up at Rainham at the moment - particularly the Dartford Warbler on the seawall. Might be worth dragging the missus over there this weekend if we get the chance...

As an aside, displaying pigeons are ridiculous creatures. Funny to watch though.


  1. I'm at Rainham on Sunday, fancy getting me some of that white-winged gull action...

  2. Well if we go, it'll have to be Sunday. Got a birthday thing for my nan on Saturday.

    An Iceland Gull or two certainly wouldn't hurt.

  3. Probable Kumliens last night too :3

    btw, that WAS a woodcock roding I heard last night outside the studio...

  4. Hehe, Woodcocks Woodcocks everywhere.

    Doubt I'll get to Rainham this weekend - I'd forgotten about the rugby on Sunday afternoon. Might take a wander over Harrow Lodge via Tesco, for some cheap bread, and the river entrance at Roneo Corner. Can go feed the ducks, and have another pop at these bloody Kingfishers.