Friday, 27 March 2009


With the exception of one briefly glimpsed Wren and our intermittent Kestrel, birding at the tower has been disappointing since the gulls departed. Today looked like it was going to be another wash-out until the day was saved by a couple of very bold Graylags actually walking along the paving on the river side of the fence along the river walkway. This is most unusual. They were good for 10 minutes entertainment though as they tried to alternately beg and cajole passing tourists into giving them food.

Perhaps not the wildest of birds, but the best on display today. Going to be a dull month in London I think. The scope hopefully gets its first outing at Rainham this Sunday, so that should be a bit more lively. Unless it rains.

Still, I took it upon myself to go clean out the manky old birdbaths at the end of the garden tonight and fill them with water, as well as hanging out a birdcake in front of the kitchen window. The baths at least are in easy scoping territory from my window, so hopefully we'll start getting a few back down. Will lay into them properly with soap and stuff when it's not cold and half dark out.

Pub tonight I think, to see some live music. I love Friday evenings.

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