Sunday, 8 March 2009


As predicted, no real time to dedicate specifically to birdwatching over the weekend, but I saw enough to know that any Blackbird who has not yet reserved a seat on the riverside walk is probably not going to get in. Birdsong everywhere, Blackbirds all over the floor as well as the trees - All in all, the polar opposite of a half hour in a Holborn Park.

Managed to get there a bit earlier than usual on Friday and it was actually still daytime when I arrived (there was light and everything) which was a novel experience, so I walked the pretty route to the girlfriend's flat. Aside from the aforementioned Blackbirds, there were a number of Great Tits in the trees - I saw three but heard several more - and the usual hordes of Carrion Crow and Wood Pigeon. No Long Tailed Tits visible this time round but, as mentioned, I wasn't really looking. Compacts were fun to use, and I love them more every time I look through them.

Back to normal working routine tomorrow once I've managed to dig my way out of the large pile of email that's probably waiting for me, so it'll be off to Tower Bridge where I can go back to scanning flocks of Black Headed Gulls for white wingtips and wondering if the Grey Wagtail will ever return for a repeat performance. I'm actually looking forward to it.

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