Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow day!

Because let's face it, I would be crazy to go into work in this. Here's a picture taken just after my alarm went off:

And a similar view half an hour later, + a picture taken from the front door:

This needs a serious photography trip over the Chase I feel. Birds should be nice and visible against the white, and they'll be feeding like mad things in this cold. Just have to find a food source and wait really.

Another job for super-thermos!


  1. I am planning a similar trip :)

  2. Awesome :-) Keeping it local in this weather.

    Wonder if James is even awake yet.

  3. Yes he's awake, and wants to go out in the snow too- maybe drag him out with you? :)

  4. Why not? We can get wet and cold and not see any owls. It can be just like Ingrebourne!