Monday, 23 February 2009


Celebrated the new driving license in style with a trip to Rainham with a tit yesterday. The sound of Little Grebe filled the reserve - always sounds like badly dubbed dolphin to me. Nothing hugely exciting out - Goldfinches, about 7 Snipe performing arial acrobatics, more Lapwing than I could shake a stick at, 1 distant Little Stint + Golden Plover + a Dunlin which kept going up for no good reason that I could see. No sign of the Peregrines, though there was a rather cool looking escaped Harris Hawk gracing a fence.

Highlight on the reserve that day was probably a Reed Bunting making a sudden and very Penduline-like appearance and sending all birders within a hundred yards into palpatations for a good 3 seconds. Also a Mute Swan doing something interesting for once and eating some reeds. Photos will follow as and when I can be bothered to connect up the camera and do the necessary cropping/resizing. It's late and I'm tired.

View from the new 'bunkers'

This is clearly cheating

Mute Swan eating reeds with every sign of enjoyment

Coot doing torpedo impressions

Why I hate auto-focus. It really is a Reed Bunting.

Goldfinches on the feeders

The trip home was enlivened when Parus saw a Common Crane in a field, and we tried to enter Tesco via the 'deliveries only' entrance in our excitement. We got parked up properly shortly afterwards but to no avail, the bird had flown. Unfortunately, I had my eyes on the road like the good driver I am, so I can neither confirm nor deny the story, and nor can I tick it even if it gets seen elsewhere locally.

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