Monday, 23 February 2009

And another thing...

Ooh, while I'm at it, a particularly high tide today saw at least 3 Greater Black Backed Gulls over by the Cormorant platforms on the river, chasing the Lesser Black Backeds round one of the barges and fighting off a couple of suicidal crows. Also a large and pale looking gull which was probably a perfectly innocuous 1st year of some kind. It could have been an Iceland Gull (but probably wasn't), I did mention it was rather large, but as it was over on the platform and I had neither camera nor bins I'll never know. Nonetheless, the camera will come out tomorrow, on the off chance that it's still there.

Also also saw something that appeared to have no black ear patch and very little black on the wingtips mixed up with the Black Headeds. It was about the same size, so probably not a Kittiwake, but I'd have loved a closer look.

I think the only reasonable solution is going to be some compact bins that I can carry round at all times in my jacket pocket. Who says there's a credit crunch on?

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