Thursday, 22 January 2009

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Yeah, they were tufties. And I'm an idiot. So what was with the green head? Either I saw some kind of Scaup/Tufted duck cross (not impossible) or, more likely, I saw a Tufted duck in the right light to get a green sheen off its head. Either way - there was just the usual, bog standard, style of Tufted duck about today.

Am I disappointed? Hell no. I happen to think Tufted Ducks are awesome, and they're still a good site tick. Very photogenic.

In other news, I got the best picture of a winter plumage Lesser Black Backed gull currently in existence. Not bad for a hand-held at full 12x zoom.

Almost makes up for the complete lack of Greaters so far.

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