Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Tower

I've been 'properly' birding at the Tower for just over a week now and only just seen my first Raven. Whether that says more about my eyesight or the prevalence of Ravens loose around the Tower is debatable. Anyway, here is a bad picture taken on a phone camera, because I didn't have a real one:

Also the usual flotilla of Black-Headed Gulls, Wood Pigeons and Starlings (more than I can shake a stick at), our regular Pied Wagtail, who I'm growing quite fond of, 2 Black-Backed Gulls (probably Lesser) doing laps of the castle and one briefly glimpsed Great Tit darting about in the tree by the big black gates. Camera comes back out with me soon.

Year List - 30
Site List - 12


  1. Say hi to the Ravenmaster if you see him, nice bloke :) We have one of his ravens in the vet hospital atm, we did a swapsie for one at Whipsnade called Eric. Say hi to Eric if you see him too...

  2. He may even have been Eric. I'll ask him next time he turns up.

  3. I have been reliably informed that Ravens round the Tower don't count, so it comes off the lists. This blow is softened by the day I had at Rainham yesterday.

    Site list back to 11, but year list much much higher. New post imminent.