Wednesday, 21 January 2009

St. Katherine docks

"Give the fecking camera a rest", I say. "Wont need it 'cos I'm in Liss this weekend", I say. The birds are reading my fecking blog I swear.

Ventured past Tower Bridge for the first time in a while today, and down to the St. Katherine docks. It was there I saw the bird. It was small, it had a white wing, and it looked like a tuftie with a green head and without a tuft. And there were at least 3 of them looking like this, + females. The closest I can find is Scaup. They were also diving completely under the surface, which I wouldn't expect of tufties.

Looks like I'm taking pictures tomorrow after all.

Edit 25/01: Having actually done some reading, it turns out that 'diving completely under the surface' is exactly what I should expect of tufties. There's nothing quite like a blog for making your ignorance glaring and public.

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