Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Well as promised the camera went to Liss, and via Liss to Petersfield - Home of the world's most inbred Mallards:

We wandered round the park trying to feed the already overfed ducks, and I failed to take action shots of gulls (see below for the only good one). Nonetheless it was a very pleasant walk and we had, as previously mentioned, a rather good chinese. However it's thrown up a bit of a puzzler. What the hell is this?:

At the time I was thinking maybe a juvenile goose, but the bill's all wrong, and it's way too big to be a duck. Here's another to give you a sense of scale, but take my word for it, it was much bigger than mallard size:

Answers on a postcard.

Anyway, a nice day and we got through a whole loaf of bread. Hoping to maybe have a go at Cranham Marshes this weekend. And my new tripod just arrived, yay!


  1. i like the gull photo- must have been a quick shot to get that water.. i have much to learn :)

  2. Shutter priority my dear, and a speed of 500+. A loaf of bread to get them squabbling helps (not that it takes much incentive to get black-headed gulls squabbling).