Tuesday, 13 January 2009

London birding

I work in central London, and I love it. Take away the commute, and there's nowhere better. Landmarks everywhere, a busy high street, buzzing marketplaces, tramps peeing into bins, it's awesome. In fact, the only thing missing is birds. Yes there are parks and some of them are quite nice, but we seem to only have the scummy kind in in my neck of the woods. This is why most of my weekday birding is currently done 10 minutes walk away on the Thames.

As fellow Tower of London birders will know, there is not the widest variety of birds on the river, but to make up for this the area seems to breed the tamest birds in the universe.

As a West Ham fan and Linux user, it appeals to my masochistic streak. And it makes the odd lesser black-backed gull all the more special. It's always fun to swing by the wooden platforms where the cormorants hang out and delude myself into thinking I've seen a shag.

And last Friday I even got a year tick - caught what I believe to be a yellow-legged gull. Unfortunately its legs arn't actually showing, but it looks stockier than a Herring gull.

So if you're desperatley looking for that elusive black-headed gull, come on down! We have them by the boatload. If you want anything else, go to Rainham. Or Liss. Or anywhere really.

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