Saturday, 24 January 2009

I am odd

Given the last couple of posts, it's probably worth me pointing out that as far as birding around the tower goes, I'm a bit of an exception. Most people birding round Tower Bridge way do so from the South Bank of the Thames. I bird from the north bank. I didn't realise this was unusual until I started trawling a couple of birding forums, but it's no great mystery. My office is on the north bank. It's about 10 minutes walk to Tower Bridge. Crossing the bridge would eat an unacceptable amount of my lunch hour.
This is the reason I can wander with impunity round the St. Katherine Docks and watch Tufted Ducks.

There's a big lawn on the South Bank which may make it worth my while come summertime, but for now I'm happy with the north and my Cormorant platforms. Some day I'll see a Shag on there. Just you wait and see.

Currently in Liss, and making plans to go feed the ducks. Have also sneakily offered to buy the girlfriend a nice pub lunch. I reckon the odds of getting a pub with the West Ham game on are pretty good, I should at least catch the second half...

Edit 25/01: It turns out pubs in Petersfield are rubbish. No West Ham, not even any TV screens. HOWEVER, there is a very nice Chinese that does a very good lunchtime deal...

Also bought some 'Dorset Real Ale Chutney' from the marketplace. It is rather nice.

Bird related: The usual suspects on the park pond - Mute Swans, Canada Geese, One Greylag, many Coots, endless Mallards (quite a lot of discolouration, must be a bit inbred round these parts (well, I am west of London)) and a couple of Moorhens. The walk to the station along a stretch of river gave us Robins, Tits and Wood Pigeons, but precious little else. Will have to do a big explore along the riverside when the days get a bit longer.

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