Monday, 12 January 2009


Happy New Year! Yeah I took my time about it, but the girlfriend has been over and such things are not conducive to blogging.

Inspired by the ever entertaining Parus I have reclaimed an old hobby and bought myself a book on birds. It gets me out of the house, and I'm quite tempted to keep a year list this year and see how well I do. However, in the spirit of the blog, a quick book review is probably in order.

The book is photograph led instead of sketch led, which is a matter of preference, but personally I prefer it. It's more realistic, the colours more accurate and just try drawing a starling with accurate colouring. Good information, nice little maps and everything arranged into easy sections so finding what you thought you saw is actually fairly painless, which has not always been the case with the guides I've owned in the past. Went for a walk round the local park yesterday to test it and tried to find all the birds I'd seen when I got back - no issues at all, and one Greylag goose now correctly ID'd. I'd recommend Amazon over Smiths as I paid the full RRP of £16.99 in the shop whereas online is considerably cheaper, but what the hell. I own it now. I went for the full version, though you can get a pocket guide which is much the same but with less blurb about each bird. I'll be carrying it around in a bag if I carry it at all, so size wasn't really an issue, and the extra info makes it worthwhile for me.

Overall, a good buy. And it should last a few years at least. Particularly if I do start taking the hobby a bit more seriously, which means keeping lists and things.

Gotta catch 'em all.

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